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Projects & Cases

A brief description and case studies of projects that our team has worked on. Key categories include management consulting, market assessments and digital marketing.

Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services for a US-based Market Research Firm

Project Brief

Management consultations to a business unit which was undergoing leadership transition and the compnay wanted to minimize revenue drop during that phase.

Client Requirements

Assisst the incoming leadership in setting up required internal processes, and ensure accurate knowledge transfer. Setup training processes for the incoming fresh batch of new hires across various levels and skill sets

Key Implementations & Outcomes

- Worked with the team to take up mutiple detailed training sessions ensuring that the BU new resources could hit the ground running as soon as possible to reduce revenu drop period
- Worked consulting the incoming leadership on the most optimal implementation plan and assisted the knowledge sharing process ensuring efficient transfer of operational information regarding products responsible for ~1 million USD in annual revenue

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Services for Canadian Digital Media House

Project Brief

Onsite and offsite search engine optimization for a media group active across digital and print media platforms.

Client Requirements

One of their digital news website needed SEO services as the website was falling in keyword rankings across multiple months and was not ranking in Google search results for a bunch of critical keyphrases relevant to their target audience

Key Implementations & Outcomes

- A 10-15 month link building strategy implemented where the website's high domain authority (55+) backlinks increased by 68%
- Tailorerd keyword strategy prepared with the editorial team where main keyphrases driving traffic to competitor websites were shortliseted and recommended. Detailed consutlation was provided on recommended keywords and best practices to generatee content around them to improve webiste on-page SEO
- Website's Wordpress backend assessed, unused javascript and plugins removed, page load time reduced by 45%, last contenful print time optimized to improve website mobile & desktop SEO scores
- Overall the website began imporving in overall domain rankings and SERP rankings gaining more organic traffic

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